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Oh Livejournal, How I've Neglecte you.  
04:05pm 14/05/2009
Its true, but we may be reacquainted very soon, who knows.
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If it wasn't for the down time, I'd probably murder  
09:29am 22/04/2009
A customer called in and I had to collect his name and company, he tells me his name is Joe Harris. When I ask him his company he says "I'm Harris Adviser." I replied with "I'm Harris Adviser?" The guy gets uppity with me. So now I have to track down his name on a security list. Apparently his company is on there, but he is not. So I told him he has to be placed into a hold field to be verified. This sets him off again, I guess he was expecting me to know that there are other people from his company. I place him in. Then for whatever reason he's back in the enter que again. He starts talking to me like I don't know what I'm doing saying its important blah blah blah (once people start talking down to me I tune them out and start thinking about sex, true story). Then he tells me not to press a button to place him in, to make sure he gets in. Well the only problem with that, is my job is nothing but pressing buttons, I don't know what he was expecting. That's what I do, I press buttons. Fuck that guy.
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(no subject)  
10:19pm 13/04/2009
MY EGO............IT HUNGERS.................FOR MORE!!!!1
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11:22am 28/03/2009
In the last month, I've been to Washington DC, had a fun/interesting time, joined twitter, which is dumb yet fun, have had a series of dreams and night terrors. Life is usually the same, I sit around read comics, play video games, and every other week me and my crew belt out some monster ballads at Hoffman Lanes at karaoke. Last week saw Mindless Self Indulgence for like the tenth time. We stayed by the bar like old people, which isn't bad because I wasn't dying or anything like that. Also, I've started playing basketball. Brian, Leo and I are playing once or twice a week. It was a real eye opener that I need to get my fat ass in shape and start eating healthier. I'm going to start running on my walks home from the train station after work, just to get my lungs right for balling. Also I want to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in three dee. mc chris is coming back to town, I really wanna see him again, great live show.

Other than that, not much else has been up....just being my usual nerd self
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I'm lazy  
09:51pm 09/03/2009
I've joined twitter, because its almost too much work for me to write here because that requires recalling shit and I don't feel like doing that half the time. So this will probably turn into just random updates of photos or when I want to make a list of something, all else things will more than likely handled by twitter, unless its an epic story, but I haven't had one in a while, but who knows, but if you're interested (all like three people that read this) I'm on twitter now, user name xcliffwadx

oh yea and I'm in Washington DC visiting my mom and family
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happy 13th of friday  
10:22pm 13/02/2009

a tattoo parlor was giving 13 buck tattoos, this is my first tattoo...its also on the leg I broke on a friday the 13th...it didn't hurt too bad, but it still feels all tattooy right now...

I do want more
mood: busy
music: ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
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Try to watch this and not have a stroke, I dare you  
07:26pm 19/01/2009
This is the trailer to Crank 2: High Voltage
in case you missed the first one I'll sum it up in a sentence or two. Chev Chelios is given a drug and he has to keep his heart rate up above a certain point, and at the end he falls out of a helicopter from waaaaaaay up in the air.
here is the sequel try not to blow a pupil.

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I need to spend more time exploring my body...  
01:13pm 18/01/2009
I just found I had freckles on my feet...like the top of my feet near my ankles...at least I hope they're freckles
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music: The Good Life
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I am going to fight monday to the death  
09:03am 12/01/2009


I looked at this and couldn't stop laughing...it still cracks me up

and I'm going to see MSI at the HOB in march...shall be a rip roaring good time
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We'll call that Satan's Seman  
01:12pm 03/01/2009
Last night, Brian had a Chili Cook Off at his place. It was pretty fun, Brian made three vegetarian chilies, one was made with tomatoes and nothing but habanero peppers...we called it Satan's Seman. It was still bubbling for a half hour after the it was taken off the heat. I made my awesome vegetarian chili which is always good and each time I make it it gets better. Brian won first and second place...but he gave me my very own Chili Spoon. Today obviously very painful but well worth it. Also Brian told Kelly, Leo and I that we're going to be in his wedding in the summer which is pretty cool because this is the first wedding party I get to be in and I'm pretty excited because its gonna be a fun one. Oh Nine is off to a pretty sweet start
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